Fourth of July Quiet Time

This weekend, I am with friends at their house in Oregon.  Several families, kids, dogs, a cat.  It reminds me of those times in my youth spent at big family gatherings.  I can recall being 5 years old sitting in the living room of my grandparents’ house in Connecticut, while all the adults sat around the kitchen table and talked into the late night hours. I would doze off listening, the sounds of the different voices almost coming together as a somehow soothing cacophony.

It’s a nice break for me, as I usually feel like I have to be “in the mix” trying to carry the conversation or feeling like I have to contribute to ensure I am part of the group or showing how smart I am.

Rest can seem so difficult to get for those of us who have a bad combination of an active brain, type-A personality, and lingering acceptance issues.  Often rest becomes something we must “do” – how ironic is that?

So I am thankful for the rest this holiday weekend.  I hope everyone finds a little rest among the “stuff to do” this weekend – find some time to reflect on the blessings we have, or even just a fond memory of family from your childhood.  Sometimes the little things can give us the greatest peace.


One thought on “Fourth of July Quiet Time

  1. So true and very well articulated… this crazy, wired world, it is always good to go blank, once in a while and spend time with loved ones with no expectations, just be yourself…..


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