It was Jason’s Day

Sorry for the pun in the title…too easy.

But it was great to see Jason Day triumph at the PGA Championship (personally hoped for more Sunday drama, but he was having none of it – hitting solid shot after solid shot).  He has been so close this year, and has battled through a lot of adversity.  No one has shown more heart than when he came very close to winning the US Open after collapsing with vertigo after the second round. He is an easy player to root for given his struggles and perseverance,  and his willingness to show his emotions, both good and bad.

There was a tremendous amount of heart, grit, perseverance and the like throughout the majors this year.  Jordan Speith fought gallantly in both the majors he DIDN’T win, including an amazing finish in the third round this week. Dustin Johnson fought back from the heartbreak at the US Open to lead the British in the early stages; then fought back today after a quadruple bogey on the first hole with a 31 on the back nine.  Phil would never give up at the Masters, even holing out for eagle from the bunker on 15 on Sunday.

Golf is still reeling from the recession, from Tiger’s struggles, from a lack of “characters” out on the tour, and most importantly from the fact that millenials don’t seem to have 4-6 hours for anything, let alone a round of golf.  But for those of us who enjoy the spirit of competition, this year on the PGA Tour has been high quality and full of fun.

Here’s hoping that people start to pay attention to these weekend warriors, and that “Jordan and the Contenders” can make a case to be our leading act for several years to come.  But today, Jason was the lead singer, and he hit every note.


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