Napa California

iI don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I’ve been to Napa, I really don’t want to come back. I always believe I’m going to walk into a winery and there will be a “Help Wanted – CFO” sign in the window…but alas I’ve come back to the real world each time.

I do think the people make all the difference. Everyone who lives in Napa and that I interact with (obviously mostly in the service industry) seems so damn happy to be there that they make ne feel that way.  That’s how I know it’ not just some “it’s a nice place to visit” syndrome.

On this trip we were lucky enough to be paying so much for our hotel room that we got the benefit of several free wine tastings at various spots, plus we were travelling with good friends who are in the “business” so got a few more.  Not sure there could be anything more fun than sipping wine in beautiful weather and scenery with great friends. Then moving to the next place and doing it again!

Our time in Napa this trip (as in every other trip I’ve taken there) was way too short, but I know we will be back again, next May!!

IMG_2220 IMG_2218


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