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Construction Progress on Las Vegas Arena

Construction is a wonderous thing. If you have been lucky enough to be part of a major construction project, you often go through similar emotional journeys – excitement when the idea is being developed; tension when the design and budget don’t align; creativity when design elements and finishes are being selected; fear as the opening date gets close and you feel like you will never make it.

It is emotion that always makes something worth doing and makes it so memorable, which is maybe why we remember so much about these projects. Right now, our team is in the midst of building the new Las Vegas Arena – you can see all about it, including real-time construction progress, here:

We are having lots of fun, but reality is also sinking in, as we have only a short time until the opening next Spring.  Normally, eight or nine months would seem like a long time, but not when the construction workers are kicking butt, and the building seems to change before our eyes.  That means the work is moving from those construction workers to us, since we have to get everything else ready like hiring the staff, booking the events, figuring out traffic and parking, etc.

Arenas and stadiums also tend to get people excited more than other buildings. People like to imagine what it will be like when the team is playing, or the concert starts. I know our team can’t wait until that actually happens, and they can see the amazement in people’s eyes at the building, and the smiles on their face because of the experience they are having.  Then all the excitement, tension, creativity and fear will have been worth it.

Our team looks forward to welcoming you all to the Las Vegas Arena – it will be here before we know it!


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