Music is the Most Powerful Form of Art

I am not a musician. I am not a fanatical lover of music. I have moved into an entertainment role where most people are either musicians or fanatical about music. Uh-oh…but there is good news after all.

I love the arts. While I am an analytical, logical finance professional by trade, I have always loved to be creative and have much more creativity than most accountants. I write poetry, I paint, I love interior design and landscape design. I happen to be good at only a couple of those but whose counting. I play sports by feel, love the emotion involved in competition, and am moved by the power of all art forms. I guess I am also decent at writing, or at least you will tell me if I’m not.

“I was just guessing at numbers and figures

Pulling your puzzles apart Questions of science; science and progress

Do not speak as loud as my heart” – Coldplay

In my opinion, music is the most powerful art form in terms of connecting to people and their emotions. Some would say art, some would say movies – for them I’m sure it’s true, but for me it’s music. Nothing has ever made my cry more than music; nothing has ever made me feel goose bumps like music; nothing has made me feel more powerful or invincible like music.

“This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill

Fifteen percent concentrated power of will

Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name” – Fort Minor

Nothing has ever saved my life like music. Fall and winter of 1991, REM’s “Out of Time” album. I was miserable, in a place I didn’t want to be, far from everything I (thought) I wanted. The only time I lived outside of Las Vegas – that will teach me to leave! I listened to that album almost every night on my Walkman, pretty much the only thing that would give me peace enough to sleep.

“This could be the saddest dusk I’ve ever seen

Turn to a miracle, high-alive

My mind is racing, as it always will

My hands tired, my heart aches

I’m half a world away here” – REM

Playing Silversun Pickups on Rock Band – that is quality mental release time for a busy, passionate professional making his way in a career. Becoming a huge music fan after seeing Coldplay (who I hadn’t even really heard of) from the rafters of the Thomas and Mack Center. By the way, I am the least musically inclined person ever, can’t play an instrument and you definitely don’t want to hear me sing. But I will belt out some Imagine Dragons in the car, for sure.

“I don’t ever wanna let you down

I don’t ever wanna leave this town

‘Cause after all

This city never sleeps at night” – Imagine Dragons

It’s like a last frontier for someone who everyone thinks can do anything. Maybe that’s why I’ve come to respect the craft of live music so much, especially now being a real part of the industry. Seriously, could you do three hours straight of ANYTHING like Jon Bon Jovi or Paul McCartney? Paul is 70 YEARS OLD!!

Musicians are often eccentric, strange-tempered, moody, uncontrollable. But I love and respect what they do, and I thank them for saving my life and giving me the best experiences I’ve ever had!

“Keep my composure when it’s time to get loose

Magnetized by the mic while I kick my juice

If there was a problem Yo, I’ll solve it!

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it” – Vanilla Ice


One thought on “Music is the Most Powerful Form of Art

  1. Music and emotions. So true. In an instant, just a couple of notes is all it takes, and one can find themselves remembering walking through the cafeteria in high school, or skiing down a black diamond with snow flying behind, or …


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