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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have had a day to rest and reflect on what you are thankful for.  For our friends who work on the front lines of the hospitality industry, that day may have been yesterday, or it may be tomorrow – I am thankful for all of you for the sacrifices you make on holidays to ensure our guests still have an excellent experience. I am spending the weekend at a resort n Palm Springs, to recharge a little, and the staff at every step of the way has been friendly and energetic. That goes for those outside the resort also at the restaurants we have been to, the golf course, and the Uber drivers.  I hope we have reflected that energy and positivity back to them, we have tried knowing that they are doing their best when it would be easy to be un-thankful and not positive about the situation.


I am thankful for a chance to rest and relax, knowing how hard a lot of folks have been working, including me, on important projects at work, and with big things happening in “real life” like kids on the way, houses to buy and sell, weddings coming.  The best part about a day of being almost total “unplugged” (amazing how slow the email traffic is expect for all the pre-Black Friday deals) is to remember that real life is the life that counts.  Not shopping, not work, not stuff, not even food (though I do love a good Thanksgiving feast). I know that some folks feel very alone today, or on other holidays.  I have felt that way.  Let’s all try to bring positivity to everyone we interact with this weekend in case the other person in that exchange is feeling that way.  The weird thing is you are never really alone; there are people that care about you, and would fight for you, and want to bring you joy.  If you are feeling alone, I hope you can be encouraged to open up for those around you to bring their warmth to your cold.

Happy Thanksgiving, and by the way if a 65″ TV for under $1,000 does bring you some momentary joy, that is ok too. You’re allowed.


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