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I’m not retiring…

…But I am sort of inspired by Kobe’s announcement, and his doing it with a poem.  I used to write a fair bit of poetry, haven’t in a long time. Here goes one in honor of legends facing the end of their career, which 99.99% of us could have no way of even come close to relating to. While Kobe announced his retirement, and I respect his play, another aging legend is facing more uncertainty – Peyton Manning. And I LOVE rooting for him, even more so since he moved to my favorite Broncos. So this is for these guys now, and all the others who faced (and will face) similar situations.


You captivated us; You amazed us.

Your physical gifts we couldn’t fathom, your head for the game surpassed even the best of your coached.

But now you are failing, and we must respond.

I choose to respond with quiet respect,with humility, and a long memory for the greatness.

I forgive your body for not being what it once was, I know your heart is as strong as ever, willing you to a few more moments of greatness.

I hope you never forget how good you were, and how good you will always be to those of us who choose your greatness.

My memory hardly has room given those who came before you, but I will always squeeze in more greatness.



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