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One Word 2016 – Patience

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to One Word:


Now have you been thinking about your one word? I have, and I have landed on “patience” as my one word for 2016.

I quickly narrowed down my search to two words – patience and serve. Let me talk about serve first.

I was thinking of the notion of servant leadership. You may be familiar with the concept, as many leadership experts have defined and refined the meaning of servant leadership for several years now. The primary notion of putting your team and others first is one that is very appealing to me. I have always tried to develop teams that focus on a bigger purpose than career advancement or short term gains. We should be trying to build lasting businesses, develop our strengths, manage our constraints. We should strive for cooperative relationships with those we work with (other departments, external stakeholders, etc.). This requires humbleness, listening, encouragement of others, empathy.

I am not where I want to be in these areas, but have been working to improve in these areas as part of my leadership development. Having serve as my one word could help focus me on these important behaviors and solidify my focus on those around me.

Patience is an important word for me, and fits with my one word for the last two years (relax in 2014 and priority in 2015). Given how much “intense” activity I will be part of in 2016 – wedding, new arena, leading the entertainment team – I will need all my patience, and it’s not something I usually have extra of! Also, I believe being patient will help me serve others by allowing us to form open communication and relationships built on trust, and will allow me to ensure I am listening to others and taking the time to encourage them.

I got more encouraged when I read the definition of patience. Not only did it include the expected – not hasty or impetuous, bearing pains calmly or without complaint – it included this:

“Steadfast despite opposition, difficulty or adversity”

This phrase made me think of being resilient, and I know me and my team will need to be resilient in 2016. I know the leaders working with me in entertainment definitely have resilience, and are grinders – like me. I think that gives us a big leg up, but for me I will still need to combine this resilience with patience (the calm, not hasty part…).

I hope you also find your one word, and it helps you be a better person in 2016.



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