New Years Resolutions

New year, new resolutions. Or in some cases, still working on the same resolutions!

Look back to 2015

My work resolutions had to do with getting our data and analytics program up and running, and ensuring I was focused on priorities. On the first front, my work situation changed mid-year, actually twice. The program continues, which is good, and a sign that I at least helped set up the foundation.

On priorities, the switch to arenas and then entertainment definitely tested my ability to get up to speed quickly and figure out what the priorities were/are. I relied on my training and experience to quickly focus on high level strategic planning, and more tactically get us to manage our time better, things like not everyone going to every meeting…seemed to work well on both fronts.

On the personal side, here is the scorecard for 2015:

Express feelings for family and loved ones.

B, though lost momentum late in year with so much going on at work

Lose weight, half marathon time under 2 hours.

C, worked out regularly, didn’t run half marathon.

Relax through yoga, church.

C, Good on church, bad on yoga

Spend money more wisely.

B, no major purchases, managed budget every quarter.



2016 Resolutions

My one word this year is “patience” and my main focus will be to ensure I bring that into every aspect of my life this year. I am going to have to cut myself some slack at certain points, and not get frustrated with myself or others. It is a huge task to get a new arena open, and we will all be doing everything we can and I don’t have time to lose patience. It also means I may have to miss a workout here and there, or say no to some social commitments, etc. I’ve got to take the time to know where my time I best spent.

We are also moving into a new home, and there will be some things to manage that I haven’t had to in recent years due to owning the home, so need to be patient with that process and the people involved.

Personal resolutions are:

  •  Make time for quality time with loved ones, even if not a lot of time, make it count.
  • Lose 10 pounds, improve my diet significantly.
  • Blog at least weekly, stay active on twitter, expand my writing in some form (articles, start a book, etc.).



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