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The Therapeutic Effect of Writing

Writing has always been a way to make myself feel better.

Sometimes it helps me achieve clarity; when a problem seems vexing in my head, writing it down can lead to a solution. Sometimes it relieves stress; when I am restless at night thinking about the “hundreds” of things I have to do tomorrow, writing allows me to feel like the list (usually only 4-5 things that actually matter!) is manageable.

Sometimes writing gives me an outlet for my emotions; from letting anger settle before firing off a nasty email all the way to expressing love through a poem. Sometimes it is an outlet for my “hidden” creative side, allowing me to come to “center” with myself which is usually my best place to be if I want to ensure I’m connecting with those around me. When I am too analytical and “left brained” I am not as approachable and relatable as I need to be.

And sometimes writing just allows me to slow down. Pause. Stop. Relax. Prioritize. You know, it helps me be PATIENT.

If you need to slow down too, writing is great since your hands aren’t as fast as your mouth or your brain. Or writing may allow you to connect with some different ideas, thoughts or feelings than you are used to experiencing. Whatever the reason, try it and see if you benefit from writing like I do.



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