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Recent social media posts – great people, finding the right purpose


Rick Arpin‏@realrickarpin Feb 11

@Vivek great talk at #PollstarLive great to see what you are doing for #Sacramento and @SacramentoKings @Golden1Center


Vivek Ranadive has an awesome story. Most important to me is that he seems to be part of a trend I am noticing, nice billionaires…tough to tell if it’s a real trend, given small sample size. But I’ve been lucky enough to be around a couple and in this case got to hear one talk about his vision for a city. The parallels to our vision for T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas are strong – totally different people, different situation, but same goal – round out a city’s offerings, bring people together around entertainment and sports, change the way people perceive the city. I wish him nothing but the best, and hope he is able yet again to turn his dreams into reality.

D.J. Allen ‏@D_J_Allen Feb 10

The greatest compliment you can give someone is to believe in them. Rich Abajian believed in me & so many others. I will forever remember him

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Rick Arpin‏@realrickarpin Feb 10

@D_J_Allen my condolences, tremendous loss


This post was in response to the passing of Rich Abajian. Rich was general manager of a local car dealership, but like all of those folks who make an imprint on you, he represented so much more. I was fortunate to spend a dinner with Rich, the one and only time I met him. He was asked to join me and my leadership team as part of our strategic planning retreat. He spoke about how to create high performing teams, how to get the most out of your people. He told us funny stories, he told us touching stories. He left something of himself with us that night, and I wondered how many pieces he had given away over the years. Truly a selfless man and we won’t be able to replace him, but we should all try.

Rick Arpin‏@realrickarpin Feb 12

@richardbranson great article: My definition of love https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/my-definition-love#.Vr4L-B1EIvA.twitter …


We have all been through the phases of life that Richard Branson has – he has seemed to do it better and with more flair and fun than the rest of us! But in this article he not only is vulnerable and exposes that he was the same 16 year old we all were (great poem – getting old at 17! We all felt that way right?).

Better yet, he hits on something I totally agree with and believe I have discovered about the true nature of love. It isn’t the stuff we collect, it isn’t the beauty we see, it isn’t even the passion we feel at first – it is whether we truly, unconditionally, absolutely support each other more than we fight for anything else. Whether we are truly willing to give up our own “stuff” (success, happiness, etc.) n order to ensure the one we “love” feels totally supported, made to feel bigger and better than they can ever feel themselves. If you are lucky enough to find that, never let it go! Thanks to Mr. Branson for being vulnerable, able to articulate his realization, and for sharing it with us.


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