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An Open Letter to T-Mobile Arena Construction Workers

This is a message for all those who have worked on the construction at T-Mobile Arena. If you know someone who worked on this job, please pass it along.

To all the construction workers at T-Mobile Arena, I say THANK YOU! I could end the letter there but it wouldn’t be much of a letter. I could just write THANK YOU! A bunch of times and fill the page but also not so interesting. So let me take a minute to explain why I am so thankful.

I see you every day now, as we get close to completion. I have seen you off and on since the start. When it was just dirt. When we really didn’t know what we’d gotten ourselves into. We didn’t really know what it would look like, but you made it real for us. You built it with your grit, sweat and work ethic. You did it even on days when it was really cold in there, and days when it was really hot in there. You did it for us even though you didn’t know who we were. I am honored that you built our building.

The work you do is amazing. I don’t know how you do some of it. The way you do it is even better though:

You are purposeful – you want to do the best work possible in your craft. You weren’t always perfect, none of us are, but the outcome is amazing. There is so much that people will never even see or understand, but it is amazing nonetheless.

You are patient – that is important to me! I don’t think I could lay a tile, then look out over a vast floor and realize that after 786 more tiles and a 12 hour day, I won’t be done. But you did it, and it looks stunning.

You are personable. I see how you interact with the other workers, sharing tools, lunch, a joke, whatever. You always acknowledge me, a smile or a nod. You don’t know who I am, nor I you – but we are humans, working hard, trying to do our best. And we appreciate that in each other.

I have been inspired by you from the beginning. I hope you have enjoyed it, I know it’s been a lot of work. All I can really say is THANK YOU!


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