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Everyone Has a Bad Day

The Golden State Warriors got killed by the Los Angeles Lakers last Sunday. They haven’t lost much this year, and they certainly haven’t been blown out much, by such a weak opponent (sorry Lakers fans, just facts, not personal).

After the game, there was no visible outward panic, no blaming the other players, no coaches tirades – just a calm recognition that it wasn’t their day.

It reminds me of bad days I’ve had – had one last week in fact. Maybe you did too. Mine wasn’t terribly unique – stuff at work didn’t go the way we wanted, some folks got upset about stuff I was working on, my bosses weren’t excited about my performance on that item. I was angry, embarrassed, depressed, feeling inadequate on the inside, but on the outside I maintained a calm and positive demeanor with my team. None of it was their fault. I emphasized the importance of some of the work we were doing and let them know what the circumstances were, but tried my best to keep them from the emotions I felt.

And by the end of the day, dozens of things had happened – both good and bad – to make me forget those emotions anyway.

And that is just how life works. You have to lean into that, don’t fear it. Take a break, let yourself go through the healing process and then get back in the game. And even if you still aren’t feeling great, keep your outward demeanor calm and positive – it will help those around you and in a “fake it til you make it” kind of way will help you recover faster too.


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