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Happy Birthday Twitter

Twitter has now been around 10 years. I’ve only been using it a couple of years; it is the only social media site I really use. I know there are pros and cons of every social media site, here is why I use twitter and what I like about it.

It is used for things I find important

I actually now use Twitter as my primary source of news. More on that in a moment.

I find Twitter has less general “where am I” updates from my friends and more meaningful interaction with those I am engaged with in conversations. I perceive that Twitter is better for me than Facebook, for example.

I don’t use pictures too much, so Twitter feels fine to me for what I post and interact with, while I know some folks go deeper with pictures and really enjoy using Instagram.

I love the conversational style of Twitter, it allows a build up of thoughts and working through issues and problems. Saving up all that info for a Facebook “manifesto” doesn’t allow the type of iterative and crowdsourcing decision making I prefer.

I find Twitter to be a great way to get “mass” communications out to folks in my circle. I encourage folks at work to follow me, and then they automatically get my wordpress blog posts.


It is a great source of news

As I mentioned earlier, Twitter is now my primary source of news. The great majority of top news outlets have done a great job (in my opinion) of adapting to social media and using Twitter as an entry point for news stories. I find the “interface” to the Internet through Twitter to be very easy to use as well, so I can read the story, navigate around and share articles with others easily.

It is real time

Twitter gives a chance for me and my friends to experience events together even when we aren’t together for the event. “Live tweeting” about things seems much more of an engaging activity than the old “foursquare” type of info (“I am here” doesn’t resonate to me as much as “I wouldn’t have called that play on the goal line”). And it means more when it is in the moment than the diary-type of posts I feel like lend themselves to Facebook.

Twitter is certainly not perfect, and I know there is heavy competition among social media sites. But I enjoy the format, and for the reasons above I hope we can celebrate Twitter’s 20th Birthday in 2026! This decade, I will be there for the whole journey.



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