Time Flies

When I saw the news that the Boston Marathon was happening, I recalled the tragic bombing. But I thought it was two years ago when it was actually three years ago. I think I can now quantify how fast “time is flying” – exactly 33% faster than real time!

It’s amazing what can happen in just a few years. I was travelling that day three years ago, I recall sitting in the airport watching the news, and when I got home being glued to the TV as they searched for the perpetrators. So vivid, but I was 33% off in the context of when that actually happened relative to the rest of my life at the time and my life between then and now.

I don’t know what we are supposed to do about time going too fast. But it seems that enjoying each day seems right – I wrote recently about savoring every day. Then you at least have great memories of the days that went too fast.

Also placing “markers” helps – I don’t have much of that right now, you know those things you always do, like a spring break trip with the family or a guys hunting weekend every October. I can think of a few I’d like to have (romantic Napa weekend, golf trip with buddies). I need to be more intentional, we have a chance this summer for one, a second annual (hey got to start somewhere) with friends to the Shakespeare Festival in Southern Utah.

Finally, surrounding yourself with friends and family seems important – you want the limited time we have to be spent with important people; like I have been blessed to work with great people that I want to be around, so while the time flies, we have a great and memorable time together. I have recommitted over the past few years to spend more time, and send more random notes and texts, to my good friends than I had in the past.



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