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Update on technology

In recent months, I wrote about two technology-related items that I use; Fitbit:

And Twitter:

Well, I am still active on twitter, over 700 followers and lots of great dialogue. The Fitbit, however, is on the dresser looking lonely. I got my most important analytical info when I finally got back to gym last week post-arena opening (got 5 workouts in last week!) and weighed myself- same as before the opening push so that’s good. I will get my next important analytics when I do some follow up blood work and see if the cholesterol is getting back in range.

I notice some great news sites out there, like Feedly and others. I still stick to my go-to sites like twitter to get updates, the local news here in Las Vegas on their websites, ESPN (of course). I get various newsletters in my email for industry news (casinos, hotels, entertainment like my daily Billboard update, etc.).

I have had the same laptop for a few years, the Lenovo Yoga. Super flexible, very light, and I love the touch screen. I don’t use it as a tablet much as I am hooked on my iPad for those times when I want to surf, read, etc. My iPad is my Kindle device, which I thought would never happen after several years of loving the actual Kindle.

Finally I do use iPhone, though being from a finance background I do miss my Blackberry for typing – alas there is no reason to keep hanging on to that, it ain’t gonna come back…my favorite apps are still things for news or weather or updates (again, ESPN!). I also like my level app (so I can hang pictures), my decibel app (comes in handy with a new arena), Starbucks app (though I am as confused as you about the new loyalty program) and my BofA app – depositing a check from my phone is an activity I may never stop thinking of as the coolest new thing ever. Except getting mentioned in a tweet.



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