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Who knew it was National Wine Day? Apparently everyone but me!

I love wine. Maybe for some of the obvious reasons, but here are some reasons I like wine:

  •  Wine comes from Napa, you already know I love Napa from previous blog posts. Have you noticed in life how strong positive association can be? Some examples: You will be more likely to be forgiving and accepting of someone who your best friend says is a “good person” even when they are acting like an idiot; you will have a better time at a concert if you had a great dinner before than the time you had an undercooked hamburger from a bad server; and I like most things that are associated with Napa! I think Santa Barbara is pretty cool too, and guess what – lots of wine there too.
  • Wine is social. I have belonged to wine tasting groups, we share wine with our friends when we host couples for dinner, we visit wine country with our friends and taste wine together, exploring new vintages or wineries. I am generally an introvert, so it is always a bonus when there is a built-in topic for conversation, and the complexities behind wine tend to give me lots of topics for group interactions.
  • Wine is intellectual. It is technical yet artistic which is a perfect trait for me given my love of things both creative and analytical. It is debatable, and I love a good debate. Wine is a great blend of old school (farming, for example) and new school (modern branding and creative marketing).
  • Wine is hard work – you can’t cruise your way to a good wine, you have to earn it.

Well, nothing left to say except Happy National Wine Day, everyone!


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