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Summer Days

Yikes, summer came early in the southwest this year, us in Vegas included (though I REALLY wouldn’t want to be in Phoenix this weekend). I think this happened last year too, and the rest of summer actually was more mild than usual (at least that’s what I recall), so maybe that will happen again. Hopefully for now you are near a pool, or somewhere else to stay cool.

Last weekend we got to “escape” to Southern California and enjoyed seeing everyone start to turn the corner into summer in their own ways – volleyball on the beach, camping by the shore, walks along the strand, drinks at the beach-side bar.

I got a chance in the last couple of days to spend some time with some friends for drinks and dinner and also with some friends golfing – yes we played in the morning and yes it was still super hot.

The friends we had drinks and dinner with had young kids, four total ages 5 to 8. When we arrived they were throwing themselves into the pool with reckless abandon. I remember those days, school just out, not a care in the world, and I noted to the parents how lucky they were that summer had arrived so the kids would be guaranteed almost every day to tire themselves out this way and plop right to bed later. We also had grilled ribs and corn, great choices for a summer night.

Our golf group was one where we have played together several times in the past, so we were just totally comfortable with each other. You know, able to razz each other about bad shots without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings. Beers always taste better at golf, plus no need for restroom breaks and no drunken feelings when you are just sweating it out as you go.

Then I got to relax at home in my own pool with my loved one. Summers spent with a book and a journal, comfortable surroundings and supportive and peaceful companionship. This is the good stuff.

Maybe it’s because I’m from Las Vegas and so I’ve always been a warm weather person, but I love summer. It’s great for me to capture some of the summer days of the last two weekends, I can refer to them in November when the cold and nastiness of winter (yes even in Las Vegas) makes its presence known. I hope you get to take time to savor some summer days, with your own perfect pastimes to go with them.



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