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I picked a good day to have a flight diverted, sitting in an airplane at a military airport in Kansas. Supposed to be in Dallas at a conference; couldn’t be less worried or upset about it. Today I am alive, spent quality time with my wife and some great friends this weekend, am healthy, have a great job working with great people.  My life has not been personally impacted by major scale violence.  So I will be late, so what. Amazing thing, perspective.

I consider myself very lucky, especially the last statement – how many can even say that now. My heart aches for people I don’t even know in Orlando, even without understanding the pain and without the empathy many of you must be experiencing. Senseless, yes. Tragic, yes. I hope we can get some perspective around reasonable laws or regulations to minimize such incidents in the future. Those of us who operate public places all fear that it could be us. We could use some help taking weapons like these out of the hands of people like this. I would rather us who haven’t been personally impacted by this sort of thing keep it that way. And do so in the memory and legacy of so many who can’t undo such things in their own lives.


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