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NHL in Las Vegas

It was announced officially this week that the NHL will expand and its 31st team will play its home games in Las Vegas. As a citizen of Las Vegas, I am excited. As a native of Las Vegas I am proud.

People here ask about and debate about whether a team will be successful in Las Vegas. I have some views on that, which I will write about separately. The punch line is I think it can be successful but it will take a “team” effort by the community.

But for now I simply want to congratulate Bill Foley and his #VegasIsHockey team. It’s been a small group to date, and they will be adding staff quickly now – but the effort has been mighty by those few folks and they did an amazing job of rallying the community and presenting a great case to the NHL.

June 22, 2017 will always be an historic day for Las Vegas. It marks one more step jump in our continuing quest to be among the best cities in the world. We did it differently than most, starting with the idea of drawing others, then focusing back inward. But in the last five years, we have opened a world-class performing arts center, a modern world-class arena, and been awarded a pro sports franchise.

We have lots of work to do as a community, but I am proud of us for not giving up or giving in after the recession. We must continue to build our community, improve our schools, diversify our economy. But we are on the right path, and we can look back at June 22, 2016 as one more great milestone along the way.


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