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It’s a complicated world

How are our brains supposed to keep up in this day and age? How can we process horrible deaths and incredibly sensitive racial and other societal issues one week, and the next try to understand how an augmented reality game is supposedly changing the world of entertainment as we know it?

I know our brains have probably matured and become better through evolution, but it sure feels like the outside world is moving faster.

Thank goodness cars will be driving themselves soon – I can free up that brain space for other functions. Except the brain doesn’t seem to work like that either, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recall the entire lyrics for “Ice Ice Baby” almost 30 years later.

I was at a speech by a wellness consultant/coach and she said our sleep ritual needs to be 45 minutes, and reading doesn’t count as even though it relaxes you physically, and depending on the book mentally, it still is stimulating the subconscious; hence my weird dreams sometimes I guess. So I know the brain is working hard if it needs a 45-minute cool down from its daily workout.

I guess we all try to create our own little bubbles where we can. I recall, for example, being much more interested in small stock price movements for our stock and our competitors when I was in corporate finance; as though every $0.08 drop in our stock price was a damning conviction of some strategy we had just put in that no one even knew about; or that a competitor’s stock price going up must mean they have been paying off analysts. Now that I am in a more operational role, I rarely focus on stock prices, trying to stay in my bubble of doing things that should actually move the stock price.

Luckily my brain can get some different exercise now – flashbacks to childhood as ABC is running Family Feud, $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game shows all summer; yes, my brain still kept all the old episodes in its head so it better make some room (it was so hot…HOW HOT WAS IT? It was so hot that Frosty’s BLANK fell off).

I hope your brain an get some rest and relaxation this summer, we may need it going into election season. You never know when Trump is going to BLANK himself on twitter.



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