Come on Phil!

Guess it’s time to dust this one off, written in 2013:

Win or lose tomorrow, I am proud of Phil. He is not perfect. Not as a golfer, not as a person.

He shouldn’t be the people’s champion, what with his cheerleader wife, private planes, and fancy watches. But he is.

He shouldn’t be able to perform like this at age 46, what with his swashbuckling play of his youth, or his heartbreaking losses and “chokes” that should have killed his will and mental focus. But he does.

He shouldn’t be battling with the youth movement on tour, given he already had to battle the ultimate youth movement in Tiger Woods and he plays with an arthritic condition and we all know that people can’t putt once they turn 40. But he does.

Who knew he would beat Tiger by being more steady and outlasting him. Who knew he would be able to win championships by plodding around for pars, by putting a 2-iron in the bag instead of hitting driver, by changing his putting stroke after being a legendary putter for over 20 years.

So many lessons here for us, but for the next 24 hours I will just be hoping Phil plays his best, puts up a good number and competes. I can tell he has ultimate respect for Henrik Stenson, as he should, and the feeling is mutual. So I hope for a good day of golf. And one more win for my guy. For our guy.



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