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“Get up, wipe yourself off, get back in the game.”

I can attribute this quote to probably every one of my (and your) little league coaches, or every gymnastics parent, or every elementary school teacher after you had a run in with a bully.

It is part of the spirit we try to instill in our children so when they grow up they live it out; it’s what makes us human; it’s what makes our country great. Resilience and perseverance in the face of hardship. I wrote about it several months ago:

Now my team needs some of that encouragement. We find it from our friends who support us no matter what. We find it in those who we can always rely on to give us motivation and a swift kick in the pants. We find it in each other by working together to be better, giving each other the resources to get better.

Most importantly we find it in the process. We get back to work, we review the game film for those pieces we can learn from, we throw the film out for those areas where we just know we didn’t perform as we should and the process will take care of itself.

Recovery only happens one day at a time, one game (event) at a time. It’s like a construction site, where you obviously strive for perfection when it comes to safety. You’ve all seen the signs, “100 days accident free.” But when you have an accident, there is nothing you can do but turn the page back to “1 day accident free” and start over. Treat the next guest like they are the most important person to walk in your building, and once they are in their seat with a hot dog and a beverage, find the next guest to delight.

One guest, one event at a time. That’s the very unsexy, incredibly necessary road to recovery. 



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