Today was a hard day. For many people. We attended the funeral of a six-month old boy, the son of Joyce’s boss. Tragedies come in many forms, of course; other people around this city, this state, this country, this world – all had bad days for their own reasons. I can only write about ours.

I am one of those people who likes to fix problems. When people come to me with problems, I want to fix them. In my personal life, I often don’t make the distinction between when someone actually wants the problem fixed or just want me to listen.

For today’s problem I am inadequate. Today’s problem I can’t fix. No one can. Only the Lord can; only our faith and trust in his wisdom can; only our love for each other can; only the human spirit to endure and celebrate the spirit of those who have passed can.

The mother spoke, her words were the words I felt inadequate to say or write. She implored us to be mindful when with others. Time spent on our mobile devices or distracted by the millions of other distractions in life – that is time not spent celebrating those we love, those we may not be with someday. She implored us to be that much nicer to others and show that much more love, since we were going to be missing one who could give that love and we had to carry it for him.

Beautiful message, terrible day. That is life, not fair and not as planned. But we soldier on and make the most of it we can, with each other and for each other – with mindfulness and with a little extra love. I pray we all listen to that mother, starting with me. Maybe I can be a little less inadequate.





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