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Guest Feedback

We just implemented guest feedback surveys for T-Mobile Arena, and will be rolling them out at our other arena venues soon. I am not sure why we haven’t done this before in our arena venues, except to say that both the Grand Garden Arena and the Mandalay Bay Events Center have historically relied on the larger hotel properties they are a part of for many services, guest feedback being one of them. But running these big venues with over 10,000 people inside at an event requires more than being just a question or two in a bigger survey about a resort stay. Many of our guests aren’t staying at that specific hotel either.

So we have begun to send the surveys and get the feedback. It is awesome having such a robust set of information to leverage for improvements going forward. Instead of just assuming what we see is going on – that the problems we see are really problems and vice versa – is huge. We are getting big response rates, like 25% plus of our visitors are taking the time to answer about 10 simple questions and providing comments.

We’ve started to analyze them and are already diving deeper in areas noted by our guests to make improvements. For example, our food and beverage provider is re-looking at beverage sizes and prices. We’ve rolled out several healthy dining options based on consistent guest requests in the surveys. We are able to pass on comments about parking experience to the team managing that process. We are able to adjust traffic flows inside the building to get people to restrooms without lines. We are getting valuable information to know what should be included in our venue app to make the in-arena experience easier.

We also know where we are doing well – restroom cleanliness was an issue we identified ourselves early on and put more resources to, and our survey results have consistently rated restroom cleanliness as the best guest experience point. People also consistently rate our staff attitude and friendliness as a strong point.

My main message to leave with to get across is a huge THANK YOU to all those who have taken the time to respond to our surveys. We will continue to adjust our operations to give the best experience we can. I also want to thank the team at T-Mobile Arena, and in the near future Grand Garden Arena and Mandalay Bay Events Center, for their efforts to take the feedback and make our service and operations even better.



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