Fitness goals

I am a pretty average person when it comes to fitness. Always have been. Moderately good at a couple sports as a kid, but generally undersized. Could eat anything I wanted when young and never gained weight, and had that change as I got into my 30s. I like to workout and stay in generally good shape, but only once around college did I get super fit and muscular.

So now I am in my 40s, slightly overweight, somewhat high cholesterol; even though I work out 3-4 times per week for an hour with a mix of cardio and weights. I am guessing it is time for some more “radical” work on my diet for sure, my workout routine maybe, and coffee and alcohol I need to figure out. J

For diet, I need to watch my portions – I tend to be the one to order extra dishes when we go out to sushi or tapas. I can’t help but order a big steak when at a steakhouse (often don’t get to pick the restaurant for work, so don’t tell me to stay away from steakhouses, I get it) instead of going for an alternative like fish. I have done a decent job limiting fried foods and unhealthy snacks, sticking with fruit and nuts and other healthier options.

Working out seems simple, time to do some Insanity, or more circuit based training. But I got into the habit of working out in the morning a few years ago which has increased my workout frequency, but when I still feel a little tired I end up reverting to the exercises I am comfortable with. So…go to bed earlier!

Coffee…I somehow have to find the willpower to drink regular coffee instead of a latte, even though I get them nonfat…still too many calories. Same goes for my taste in beers and wine, both of which have too many calories. I have already lowered my intake of soda, so that’s a good thing.

Overall, if I do even some of these I think I can lose the 10 pounds and bad cholesterol I need to lose. Wish me luck!




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