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We need to step up – don’t vote for Trump

If you’d rather read a real writer talk about why you cannot vote for Donald Trump, please stop and go here: http://www.canoncitydailyrecord.com/opinion/guest-columns/ci_30458066/george-will-trumps-vile-candidacy-is-chemotherapy-gop

The punchline from me: You shouldn’t have been undecided on this election at this point; but if you were an undecided voter, and saw that tape, and hear the things he says, and still are thinking about voting for Donald Trump – then I plead you to come to your senses. Let me tell you why I believe we cannot vote for Trump.

The disclaimer: I am one of the many people who have been in a lawsuit with Donald Trump. I can’t talk about it under the settlement agreements, but it was for a failed real estate development that I had invested in. Predictably, it failed like many of his deals; you can judge me for being stupid enough to invest in a Trump-backed project.

The acknowledgement: We have been given two bad choices for President. Unfortunately, that keeps happening to us. As an independent who leans Republican largely for economic policies (I guess you would put me in the group of socially liberal, fiscally conservative voters), I have not been satisfied with the Republican candidates for President for quite some time. As someone who then looks to the left, I don’t think the Democratic nominees have been superstar picks either. Particularly this year, I am no Hillary Clinton fan. Someday my dream will come true and Howard Schultz or Sheryl Sandberg or Marc Benioff are going to run. Or some of the rational people in politics will get more attention (America, have you heard of John Kasich?) and we would have some legitimate choices.

But these concerns are as close to irrelevant right now as such a fact could be. We simply cannot vote in good conscious for Donald Trump. We may actually be safer under his administration. We may have lower taxes for some folks. Given our cyclical economy we are likely to be in recession under the next President regardless of which one we pick. None of that really matters.

The time to vote our conscious has finally come. I will sacrifice potential safety, the potential for lower taxes, the potential for lower economic growth – to not have a person in the White House who doesn’t represent our country’s values. I am not talking about his views on women, though for those alone he should not be elected. I am not talking about his views on seemingly any race, creed, country of origin other than his own, though for these views alone he should not be elected. I am not talking about the fact that despite his claims of business prowess he is actually a terrible business person, even though given it’s been his only occupation and he failed at it (more than once) he should not be elected.

The real reason we cannot vote for Trump is that he does not represent the values of our country. Or what our country once aspired to be and still should. A country where we respect each other. A country where we seek to help the underdogs and the innocents. Donald Trump hasn’t given his time or money to charity, he has spent his whole life thinking about himself. He doesn’t want companies making things overseas, unless it’s his company making shirts and ties. He has one woman executive, because it’s his daughter. He makes snide comments, can’t control his temper, and generally thinks of himself first – you wouldn’t want to work for someone like this, and you sure as hell shouldn’t want someone like that as your President.

We have to step up and vote for our values. Not for Hillary, but for our values. Against Trump, and for our values.

And just in case you need more support, and back to my disclaimer in a way, Trump is a con artist. It’s ok, there are lots of con artists in business, I run into them all the time. You know, the people you meet where afterwards you think, “I need a shower.” Sometimes these people rise to places of great power, like being a CEO. Maybe it’s a company they started. Maybe it’s a family company. Maybe they just conned enough people along the career ladder to get appointed CEO. But while we don’t get to vote for CEOs, we DO get to vote for President. And I implore you not to vote for a con artist.

Finally, after this election is over, I implore you, me, all of us: we need to finally start investing our own time in the political system; getting more people personally engaged so that we can have more choices in the future.



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