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The next big thing in entertainment

Oh, I apologize. You probably read the title of this blog post, and got excited. You anticipated a seminal moment, a turning point – you thought you were going to learn what the next big thing in entertainment is. You have been wondering about it, and this was it, the moment you would finally learn what it is.

But I am going to disappoint you, because I don’t know what it is either!!

It is often difficult to define what constitutes entertainment. My company believes that every guest we welcome to our resorts wants to be entertained in some way. For example, world-class chefs in contemporary restaurants offer their own version of dinner “theater” through their creative menu composition and plate presentation. Or how about the modern amenities in hotel spas – I feel like I could stay there all day under some crazy shower with lights! We also have lots of attractions for our guests – like exhibits, rides, aquariums, dolphin habitats, you name it.

But my world is live entertainment, so me and my team are always wondering what events will excite fans to come to our venues, and will give them a thrill when they arrive. Recently, you might have heard and read a lot about e-sports, for example. We have hosted a couple of these events, and they have been great. If you aren’t in the know about e-sports, time to start Googling. Or how about the emergence of (Woodstock-era folks might say “renaissance of”) festivals, which have matured to include a variety of lifestyle elements along with music, things like food and beverage, comedy, ultra-lounges and pool parties.

Lately I have seen drone racing on ESPN, maybe it could be the next big thing. Lots of folks are focused on virtual reality, and how to integrate virtual reality into live action. Others believe we should just skip virtual reality and focus on augmented reality. More terms for you to Google…

What’s interesting in all of this is that good old fashioned sports and music are as strong as ever. Millennials are a lot of things, some of them different than generations before them. But they do seem to appreciate live performances, and it is one of the ways they like to engage socially – recall we thought they all just liked to stay in the pajamas and text each other.

So the next big thing in entertainment may just be the old thing in entertainment – after all, we did just have one of the largest music events in the world in Coachella, Desert Trip, where the average age of the artists was in the 70s and hundreds of thousands of people showed up. Woodstock anyone? One thing is certain, you can look for companies like mine to continue trying new things to delight our fans and guests.



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