Nice Weather

I suppose you can put this in the context of always trying to find things to be grateful for. Too often we take the good things for granted, and complain too much about the things that go against us. Or even worse than a bad ratio of grateful versus complaining is actively looking for the bad in things – in life, in each other.

For example, we often look for people who are “out to get us.” Like if we assume that if someone leaves us off an email it is because they are going behind our back. One of the things we focus on in my leadership team is assuming positive intent. It helps build trust among the group and really frees you from spending way too much mental energy imagining all the bad things people are up to.

Or in a situation we take the negative view versus the positive view. Like if you try a new restaurant and it doesn’t meet your expectations, do you assume your night is ruined, or do you work harder to find some good? Like maybe the waiter had a great attitude, or you were grateful that you got to see some old friends even though the food wasn’t great.

So recently Las Vegas has been on a great streak of weather. Usually October is nice and then it all goes to crap when Halloween comes (I remember this every year as we feel bad for the kids going out in the cold to trick-or-treat). But this year we blew right past Halloween in the 80s, with sun and little wind. Not even the “only nice during the week cause Mother Nature knows I really want to golf on the weekend and now the wind is blowing” kind of weather. More like “Nevada matters and we want everyone to go out and vote” weather.

So I am grateful for that, and got to enjoy a few hours out at the PGA golf tournament, the Shriners Open, this past weekend. And I was glad the visitors who came for the PBR World Finals got to enjoy the great setup in Toshiba Plaza each day and night before and after the events.

I will also, in the spirit of looking for the good, try to remember this when it does finally get cold and windy.



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