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An Apology

I got too caught up in the election the last couple of weeks. I spent too much time watching and waiting for every little bit of news, or drama. I got emotional about it. It took time away from my loved ones. It distracted me from more important things.

For all of this I apologize. I can’t change the past but I can be better going forward. I think there are lots of great cues to take from folks I have read and seen comment since the election. They talk and act from a basis of togetherness, and healing. They remind us there are bigger things to work on as a society, and we can find common ground to make a difference in those areas. We can get more involved to help shape the future together. They find civil ways to express their disagreements and differing opinions.

They remind us the obvious that we miss – the sun still came up on November 9, the traffic going to work was still crappy, and our loved ones still look at us with an unconditionally accepting look that reminds us to keep pushing, and don’t wallow in any one thing in our life. If Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can be civil and gracious (just two examples among many), then certainly so can I.

I am lucky to have great family, friends, loved ones, colleagues – they help me in ways large and small. They tell it to me straight and put up with a lot. They see the good in me, and want me to succeed. To them I apologize the most because I know sometimes I let them down. They probably don’t want my apology, as selfless as they are.

Of course you have to want the help of others, and be willing to accept their feedback and assistance. My world is full of helping hands, and I think yours is too; if you don’t feel like it is, try looking harder, and closer. And when you do, reach out and grab their hand, and then grab another person, and another, and another. Together is how we always make this world a great place.

This apology doesn’t mean I will just give in to things I don’t believe in or don’t like. Or lose the passion to try to make things better. Now more than ever those in my generation may need to be politically active, after “sailing” through much of our life to this point. We may have to speak up for those who can’t, and stand up for our basic values. As I mentioned above, I have seen some very good strongly-worded commentary since the election that has also been respectful and civil. I will do my best to follow that model, and channel my energy better, get involved in the right ways and try to make a positive difference instead of just venting.

Our country was built on some amazing core values, and civil discourse stands at or near the top. I will work to do better in the future, and apologize for not living up to the standard of our shared values in the recent past.



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