Anchors in your life

You need anchors in your life. Usually more than one. Christians like me will tell you the most important anchor is faith in our Lord. Belief that God is on your side and that you are free because Jesus died for your sins. I happen to believe that, but I also know the scripture and history of Christianity is about finding multiple anchors in the Earthly world.

The Church, your local community, your family and friends, your spouse, enjoyment of nature, even the act of doing a good deed for strangers. These are all cited in scripture and are all sources of steadiness in your life: people, or events, or things that can bring calm when your emotions are getting the best of you. Or provide clarity when you feel lost or your judgment clouded. It happens to all of us. I am still not yet a parent, but my biggest worry about when that time comes is will I have the patience and temperament to be calm and cool when things aren’t going as planned.

I believe anchors are critical, and I think it’s important to be balanced, to have multiple anchors. We all know folks who anchor their entire happiness to one thing. Whether it’s a person, a drug, a job, a goal – we can succumb to the pull of money or fame, or blind ambition driven by jealousy, or attachment to material goods. Anchors can weigh us down, so to speak. Christians like me fight this by trying to always return to the one anchor that can’t let us down, Jesus. My pastor reminds us that God is the only one who will never let us down – people always will (even though they may not mean to), things always will. This first anchor allows us to get a clear head and appreciate the value in all those other anchors, while still remembering that those anchors can always disappoint us or let us down or steer us wrong.

Well rounded people succeed for a reason, and part of that success is being around diverse people, hearing different viewpoints, experiencing different things. This gives us access to valuable information and support to get through the hardest things in life. You need feedback and motivation and happiness and realism and practical advice in your life. And you need a call from your Mom when a friend unexpectedly passes away. And you need your co-workers to cover for you when your kid is sick and you can’t figure out what’s wrong. And you need your wife to not judge you when you mess up the master bath plumbing because you really should have called a plumber.

Anchors give you things you don’t even know you need, and you can’t make it through life without them. Find yours, return the favor by being an anchor to them, and we can all make it through this difficult world a little better, together.



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