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One Word 2017 – Foundation

It’s that time of year again, time to pick my One Word. I hope you are doing the same. If you need a refresher on One Word, see: http://myoneword.org/book/

Or see here for my post last year: https://rarpin.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/one-word-2016-patience/

This will be the fourth time I have picked my One Word. Past words were relax, priority, patience. Each has helped me immensely in keeping focused during that word’s year. This year’s word came to me when thinking about the important work we have in front of us for my Corporate Entertainment team at MGM. The word is Foundation.

You see, we have been busy opening three major entertainment venues this year. All at the same time we were trying to put our teams together and put in processes and systems to make us the most effective and efficient team possible. Kind of like the old saying about changing the tires while driving down the freeway. Difficult at best.

So 2017 is the year we can finally focus on the foundation – the right people, the right number of people with the right roles and responsibilities; standard, documented processes; technology and capital investments to ensure long-term success. In our case, given the amount of “building” we had to do in 2016, we also need to go back and “re-inspect” the foundation we put in so quickly just to get through our openings; there are bound to be a few cracks.

I also quickly realized the word was very suitable for many areas of my life, not just work. Every foundation has a cornerstone, and mine is my wife Joyce. She provides me huge doses of stability, realism and optimism to build upon. We started building our life together in earnest this year (house, marriage), and look to create a family foundation in 2017. This sense of beginning with solid plans, of teaching and learning the basics – these will be things for me to embrace and be disciplined about.

Foundations are meant to last a long time, and I believe my family, friends and I have built strong bonds and roots that can get us through tough times. We need it now more than ever as we grow older and friends and loved ones encounter health and other problems; the storms can break windows and shutters and even blow the roof off but the foundation must stand strong.

I hope you also find your one word, and that it helps you be a better person in 2017.


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