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Don’t stress

It’s the holiday time of year, and every year it seems we talk about how stressful it is, and then tell ourselves and each other the “five ways to minimize holiday stress” to compensate. I thought of this when our entertainment leadership team was discussing the month of December a few weeks ago. We are going to be very busy, and our systems and processes and resources will be “stressed” to their max, so we were discussing ways to make sure our people weren’t “stressed out” during this time.

It all came down to two things – priorities and patience.

As to priorities we discussed activities (like meetings) that we could reduce or eliminate during this busy time. We discussed projects and initiatives that could wait until January.

As to patience, we discussed that even for those projects or initiatives where we wanted to continue putting time and asking our people to put their time, we needed to go in with an attitude of “advanced forgiveness” if we fall short, even after scaling back our expectations. Part of a great working team is assuming positive intent, “knowing” that those around you are trying with all their might to make progress and giving 110% to the cause. Once you know that, and given the conditions of an incredibly busy period, you can still appreciate each other for their efforts, even when we don’t make as much progress as we want.

I think this applies to the holidays as well.

Priorities: Now is not the time to take on that home improvement project, it can wait. Vacations can be planned in January. Workout classes can be scaled back to once a week from three times a week. Now is the time to enjoy your family and friends, to reflect on the year and the good things in our lives. Now is the time to ensure you get your Christmas shopping done early to avoid the lines!

Patience: Eve if you miss the one workout class you planned on, forgive yourself. Just try to not eat every piece of Christmas candy this week. If your spouse doesn’t get every task checked off for the kids Christmas, cut them some slack – it’s more important to appreciate the effort we all give at this time of year.

Do these things, and we can all make it through December – and think of all the great resolutions we will have in 30 days!



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