Last Post of the Year

In 2016, I posted 68 times (now 69) on WordPress. I covered a variety of topics, and thanks to WordPress’ ability to post directly to twitter, my followers there got to read the same info. Of course one of the first posts of 2016 was a post on new year’s resolutions. I feel like that might be depressing this year, so I am going to hold off for just a bit.

Many posts documented the path we took to get T-Mobile Arena open, successes and challenges we had. And other posts were about our other two new venues or just our overall team and our growth and progress.

I like to discuss leadership development – here I write about it, but at work and with my team and with others I work with and with my leadership coach, it is a conversation. I learn from the interaction, but don’t think the writing is totally ne-way, when I am thinking about what to write or researching the topic, I am learning. Sometimes saying it and writing it allows you to rethink a familiar concept, things change, we change and the same “truths” a couple of years go may not be so absolute anymore.

This was an election year, so I wrote about that. I sense ongoing frustration and fear among friends every time we discuss where we are, but the only way to deal with that is together and by being more involved and educated and thoughtful.

Finally I had a life change this year, getting married in May. I wrote about it, but my best writing on the subject is reserved for my loved one, who can likely never comprehend her importance to me and who I am now and how I perceive my life and those around me.

It’s been a heck of a year, and I look forward to continuing the conversation in 2017 – you just never know what wacky stuff will happen, and we should all dedicate ourselves to writing a bit about it. Good for the soul, I say.



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