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I read and watched two things recently that were very similar, even though they were from very different sources. They both took on the “New Year resolution” theme talking about de-cluttering.

In one case, my head of entertainment marketing and sponsorship Lance wrote a short but powerful message in our weekly division newsletter. He said his goal for 2017 was to do less. Not as in “I’m going to take more extended vacations” do less, but the “I want to focus on quality over quantity” do less.

This is so important given the dynamic world of business these days. Things are always coming at us, so we must ensure that we place things in their proper perspective. A little bit of “triage” when new requests come in or when changes in conditions occur can go a long way. I use the term “ruthlessly prioritize” when I speak of this but I like how Lance put it too: I want to do less so I can do a few really important things really well.

Crossing over to the second message, is the concept I saw my pastor at Central Christian Church, Jud, give a few weeks ago (I was out of town so just watched the replay online – thanks Central for taping all the services!). Jud said we need to favor the important over the immediate. I thought at that point he might break out some Stephen Covey time management material (http://www.positive-change-tools-for-success.com/Time-Management-Matrix.html); and though he didn’t the concepts are the same and similar to Lance’s notion – we must be intentional about prioritizing, because if we just react to the immediate, we will lose sight of the important.

Someone else asked me about work-life balance this week. I suppose that is another whole post, and I confess I am no expert. But what I do know is that if YOU don’t control YOUR calendar and priorities and how you spend your time and with who, then you won’t like the answer when someone else decides for you.

So don’t worry so much about resolutions dealing with organizing your desk, or your files, or your closet. De-clutter what really matters – take time to ensure you have identified your priorities in life and work, and then work to remove things from your life that take away your attention from those.



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