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My Amazing Wife

My wife is sitting next to me at the airport, and worried this is going to be cheesy. We shall see.

What I know about her is that she is a hard worker. She works hard to do a great job in her career and for her team and for her company. She works hard to make sure I know how much she loves me and cares about me. She works hard to ensure her family knows how much she appreciates them and does what she can to provide for them.

She is active, she doesn’t sit on the sidelines. She helps charities, she helps organize womens’ leadership development at her company, she helps me around the house. She stays active physically through running and working out and she stays active mentally through learning about business and leadership.

She is the most caring person I know. She cares about those around her – her friends and loved ones. She doesn’t know the meaning of “no” when a friend asks for something. She is always thinking about others before herself. So she’s also the most selfless person I know. These traits maybe even more than the others are why I know she will be a great mom.

She has the greatest laugh and smile of anyone I’ve ever known, and most who know her say the same thing. Hence the nickname “smilee” since she was little. Her name is a derivative of Joy, and that is what she brings to the world. The joy of an angel.

I could go on, but then I would certainly get too cheesy and be shut down, since she is still sitting next to me. Suffice to say I love her, and the things I love about her that I listed here help me to be a better person. Not perfect for sure, not even good on every day, just better.



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