Leadership scorecard – 2/19/17

As I started last week, I will report periodically on progress against my leadership goals. I have been spending my discretionary time with my leadership team and others on my team. Mostly working on our leadership plans and strategic initiatives. This has been largely positive and I reflected on some of these interactions in a recent post. I feel like I need to start getting into the specifics of those plans with each leader and start moving forward on the tactics included in those plans in the coming weeks. It is time to capitalize on early momentum and try to build the muscle memory of a habit with each of us.

I have not spent enough time with others in the organization yet, although I did have several positive interactions (formally, like lunches and meetings to discuss strategy, about 4 hours) and informally with several folks from around the company. I need to be more intentional about setting up these interactions and maximizing them, to ensure I am preparing for them to get the most value out of them. I’d like to see me spending 8-10 hours per week, outside of my team (and alongside members of my team) working with others in the organization.


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