Random catch up

Yeah, so not sure what the right protocol is for your first post after a eulogy for your recently passed father. I have one almost done about my new Apple Watch, but that seems like too much of a harsh re-entry. So I will post that one after this, and just catch up on a few things.

Thank You

I will of course thank my friends, family, co-workers (and in many great cases, you are combinations of those) individually for the amazing outreach – cards, emails, texts, donations, flowers, phone calls, tweets, etc. I have had occasion over the past few years to really understand how many people care about me, whether I think I deserve it or not. And this was certainly one of them.

But also thank you to a wider group – those that read my eulogy on WordPress or twitter or LinkedIn, I think I set a personal record for views on WordPress, and it always amazes me when folks take time to acknowledge a post, or respond with their own story (which were inspring and helpful and beautiful); people I may never meet, but as I’ve said about leadership, we aren’t in this alone. Life is the same way.

And last big one, to Farley Funeral Homes in Venice, Florida and specifically Eric Swopes, who were amazing with my family all week and did just an outstanding job. Possible later blog post on what service-based companies and employees can learn from funeral homes…

Thank you all.

Life’s little problems

They always shrink when you are going through a REAL problem, so it often provides much needed perspective. I forgot my dress shoes on the trip, thought I remembered my suit, tie, etc. So here I am in Venice, Florida, total beach town, needing a pair of dress shoes. This was as close as it would get, plus I now have a random pair of black “velour/velvet/I don’t know material” espadrilles – cause you never know…



Found three old VHS tapes in my mom and dad’s video collection. Actually four, but the fourth was labeled as my brother’s wedding video, and I have no reason to believe it’s not. Shows you how old he is that his wedding video is on VHS…

Anyway, the other three were from my high school/early college days. And we used to re-use them a lot so I am not really sure what’s on them. But one is labeled as my high school graduation. I was one of the folks that gave the commencement speech and I always wondered if it was captured anywhere. I really wish I had kept the text. Same goes for college – random fact that I gave the commencement speech at both high school and college graduations (in high school it was the valedictorians, at UNLV when I went they did a contest for graduating students).

So I am going to see if I can get them transferred to DVD (time to check Sharper Image, Hammacher Schlemmer, and all those fun websites that come in handy when you need a pinch). Or just head to my friendly local Walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy.

College Basketball

Leave it to my dad’s timing, he passes the same week I am usually a hermit watching as many college basketball games at the various conference tournaments that come to Las Vegas. One year I did 15 games – that is:

  • West Coast Conference – 2 quarterfinals (just couldn’t handle the whole day without a beer – they don’t serve alcohol at that tourney), 2 semi-finals, one final (Gonzaga won, duh).
  • Mountain West – when they were good – two quarterfinals (UNLV session), one semi (UNLV game), one final)
  • Pac-12 – two first round, two quarterfinals, one semi, one final.

Sorry Mario Moccia, didn’t make it to any WAC games.

For a couple of years, my good friend Jim came out with his dad and uncles, and stayed at MGM Grand, and we shutrled around the city to check out all the games.

Last year I missed out on most of this because we were finishing T-Mobile Arena. This year I obviously missed almost all of it. Next year, barring another extraordinary event, I’m taking ten days off and going for 20 games.

OK that catches up on some random stuff, next up, Apple Watch and then hopefully back to some leadership updates. Also possible are weather related delays in NYC (I’m there Tuesday and weather is supposed to be awful). And any other topics that come up.



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