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Apple Watch

Wasn’t sure whether I would like Apple Watch, after having failed with the FitBit. I have now had it for a few weeks, long enough for some initial observations. For reference, I bought the Nike+ version.


  • Relatively simple to use. Not everything is intuitive in my mind (like you press toggle switches versus sliding them), but it’s generally good. I’m pretty impressed they can get any info on the screen given its size but I’m able to find apps, do simple functions, etc. easily.
  • The Nike running app is very good. Accurate, interacts well with the phone (in other words, enough info on the watch for “in the moment” info, then go over to the phone to get more detail.
  • The breathe app. Awesomely simple.
  • Comfortable. Don’t mind wearing it all the time.


  • I find the messages (email and text) are just distracting. I can’t really read it, I can’t really respond to it. It’s just another “ding” to take my mind off of something important. Maybe I’m just not millennial enough; I actually am a proponent of multi-tasking in certain situations, but I don’t like constant interruptions.
  • I can’t figure out how to adjust the weather and clock apps to have the cities related to me. I don’t live in Cupertino, but that’s what it shows for my west coast time. Probably just user error…
  • I presume in the future there will be a version that doesn’t need the phone nearby, but it would really help with running, which is one of the best uses of the watch.
  • Built in stopwatch – scree goes dead after a few seconds, but obviously I’m using the stopwatch…maybe user error but I’ve actually looked for a setting. Maybe I just need to download a better stopwatch app. Or se the timer app?
  • If you don’t wear it every day, you can’t get good history on much of the health and wellness info. But then I can’t wear any other watches that I own.

Jury is still out:

  • The Apple fitness tracker is sorta cute, and it counts my steps, but I want to explore it more to see if it can be truly useful. Telling me to stand once an hour isn’t going to change my life expectancy.
  • I’d like to try the UnderArmour fitness app. It is supposed to be device agnostic, and would seem to be convenient with the watch/phone combo.

So I’m not sold yet. But I’m going to stick with it and see.



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