Leadership Scorecard – 3/19/17

First week back after the loss of my Dad. I spent a lot of time with other people, but also had some long stretches of being able to focus, particularly on my strategic initiative (which not so coincidentally is “leadership Development”).

Had several interactions outside of my area, and on reflection I think they were all directionally good. I went in to all of them thinking about the other folks, what I know about them, what will resonate. I checked my pace and tone well. I mostly waited for others to give input. Can still ask more questions.

Speaking of asking questions, I did better in that with my own team. I spent lots of time with the broader team this week, as we had a quarterly all hands staff meeting and quarterly session on our strategic plan, s about 20 of us discussing status, opportunities, challenges. Capped off with fun at TopGolf to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work they’ve put in. Definitely in line with what we are trying to do on the nurturing side of things. I also had a coffee chat this week, great interaction with the team at all levels, this time we discussed deadlines, time management, and priorities. The one thing we know for sure is we could talk about those topics for well more than one hour!

I received some news that one of our initiatives was going to have to take a different turn – my initiative, and we had to change course on how to provide leadership coaching to the team. I managed through the “negative” emotions quickly (well, quickly relative to me – most of you would likely have gone even faster to alternate solutions), and partnered with the messenger to a new approach. Maybe some perspective gained from my recent loss. We’re not curing cancer or preventing heart attacks) here, so roll with the punches a bit, there is always a way to manage through issues if you just think about them with a clear head.



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