OK that was a fancy title for a blog post that may just be some miscellaneous catch up items. But I think it may fit together when we’re done.


Apple Watch

Experiment is over, Apple Watch is now going to be an auction item at the MGM Resorts Foundation Leadership Auction. As you may recall, I specifically bought the Nike running version It dropped two runs halfway through and then recently on a particularly difficult run (late afternoon, Sarasota, FL, 88 degrees with humidity), it not only dropped the run it lost all record of it.

By the way, if you are reading this and will be attending the MGM Resorts Foundation Leadership Auction, the Apple Watch is quite possibly the greatest piece of technology ever invented. Bid high.

Leadership updates

I am still tracking my weekly progress, and commit to providing a formal update to you all soon. And I think I am doing ok, given the other things I have to handle. But…

My Loved One

I have made three trips to see my Mom in the month since my dad passed. Not only are these trips not convenient from an airline schedule perspective (fly to Tampa, drive 75 minutes, fly to Sarasota drive 30 minutes; not a lot of flights to Sarasota, not a lot of direct flights to Tampa), but of course it means I am away from Joyce. So though she will dispute this, I am trying to spend more time with her when home and not writing or working on other hobbies (I don’t imagine my golf game is very good right now).

She has been amazing. No one loves and appreciates family more. I am so thankful for her.


I really do have the best team. When Sheryl Sandberg wrote Lean In, I knew exactly what she meant in the context of what she was writing about. And others have used the term since then, but my team really Leans In. They don’t moan that I need to do a conference call versus be there in person. They don’t care what time zone I am in, they make it work They just believe in their core that we can be great. How do you teach that? I know, you don’t. I am just lucky to be with them. I want to be laser focused on what they need to succeed, because they deserve to succeed. They are great people –I guarantee their funerals will be standing room only affairs, each of them.

Focus is funny. Sometimes you can be thinking or talking about one thing but be all over the place. And other times you can pull it together even when it seems everything is scattered. I feel focused on what’s important. If I have to shed a little excess technology to allow concentration on the important things, I’m OK with that.



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