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Sometimes business travel doesn’t go as expected

I recently had a rough day and a half of traveling. Now, I don’t travel for business that much and I generally have pretty good luck. So I understand that you all have worse stories than this, and of course I didn’t run into any crazy over-booking situations. So I’m not trying to be dramatic, my intent is only to entertain.

My 36 hours started at 6 am eastern on 4/5 and ended at 6 pm Eastern on 4/6. Two delayed flights, one missed connection. None of these were red-eye flights.

  • 14 hours on planes – including 3 hours of delays
  • 9 hours in airport – 7 of those during delays
  • 4 hours of work
  • 3 hours in cars
  • 2 hours on calls
  • 2 hours meal breaks
  • 1 hour in meetings
  • 1 hour of real sleep (also obviously napped periodically on planes)

Boy was I glad to be home after that!



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