A letter to myself

Dear Rick:

I don’t take enough time to talk to you. Or when I do, it’s always worrying, planning, thinking of all the things you and I have to do. So I’m going to try to take a brief moment to talk about more important things.

You’ve been at this almost 45 years. I’m not sure why you still compare yourself to others, or get jealous/angry about weird things like who is invited to what meeting. Or worry about what people are thinking when you are at an event and don’t know who to talk to. As someone reminded me recently, you bring a lot to the table, folks at a cocktail party should want to be in a conversation with you.

Lucky for you, you have some amazing friends. They are always pumping you up, reminding you how good you are, what value you add. But they are also good at keeping you grounded and they always tell you the real deal. We like to call them truth-tellers on my work team, and many of my team are pretty good at it. I think you are pretty damn lucky to have several truth-tellers on your team.

And your wife is so supportive and always is pushing you to be a better person. If only it were that easy – you are awfully stubborn sometimes; they say its 21 days to make a habit, but for you it’s more like…who knows?!? Yet she is persistent and committed, so stop trying to fight it and just get with the program. Stop letting little things fluster you. Take your time, slow down your motions – what’s the rush, enjoy life more. Lord willing you’re going to be a dad soon and they will need the more patient version of you please.

Last thing – stop worrying and stop fearing things. You’re not curing cancer, you’re not saving lives. Pay attention to the PEOPLE and take care of them, and the rest will flow from there. You don’t have to worry or be afraid; didn’t you hear the message on Easter Sunday, you can be strong and immovable! God has your back. And so many people here on Earth are always working for you, clearing paths for you.

You can do this, Rick. You are already doing it. You’ve been doing it. Your life has been amazing, regardless of how many things did or didn’t go the way you planned. In fact, I lied, one more piece of advice – stop trying to plan life, let life plan you for once. It will be ok; your friends, your family, your co-workers, they will catch you if you fall. They have done so every time, and always will. Life is more fun this way, you’ve experienced that just be disciplined about letting go, enjoying the surprises life can bring, other people can bring, experiences can bring.

OK, now get back to work. 🙂




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