Health advice for me (and you)

I recently did an annual physical. First advice for any of you that don’t do that – START. I don’t know about you, but I have already had way too many stories in my life where folks I care about have had medical issues that weren’t caught early enough (or could have been caught earlier) and weren’t “typical” issues for their age. You just don’t know until they start poking around inside that body of yours.

I am lucky enough to go to a place where they do lots of consultations along with the physical tests. I got some great tips for me, yours would of course be unique to you. But I feel like a couple might be widely relevant and were “a-ha” moments for me.


I have tried – and failed – multiple times to implement meditation in my life. I feel like I would be a poster child for its benefits if I could just get into the habit. The wellness coach at my physical gave me (and made me practice) a simple breathing ritual which she didn’t even call meditation. I really liked it, as it was reminiscent of breathing I learned in yoga. Basically laying on your back, with progressively deeper breaths while lying down focusing on nothing but the depth of the breaths. Only other thoughts are to relax face muscles and to have your back muscles “sink” into the bed/couch.

I am going to give this another shot to make it a habit.


Simple tips for me – eat Greek yogurt as a snack, have a piece of fruit with every meal or snack, eat fish 3-4 times per week, focusing on the meals I eat out to get a double benefit (less steak, more fish basically).

Biggest tip was to plan for my snacks. Pre-portion them, always have them available. This way, I don’t “panic” if I have to work late and just start eating anything within arm’s reach. So there is yogurt and berries in my work fridge now…


Change your “routine” once a month or so, so it doesn’t become a routine. Even within an area like cardio training, mix interval training in with steady jogging. Do your chest routine for maximum weights and muscle development one week and then do conditioning (less weight more reps) the next.

I also learned that we should all be doing those leg curls where you lie down prone to work your hamstrings, because our hamstrings just never get enough exercise.

Hopefully these are useful for you as much as for me.


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