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Strip photo 1991 – redux

Last time I posted this photo courtesy of @classiclasvegas. The photo is an aerial shot of the Strip, largely the west side of the Strip, from just north of The Mirage. Of course, the Mirage had just opened a couple of years earlier.

strip 1991

My challenge to you was to find/list/share interesting things from the photo. Here are some things I found:

  • The old Dunes golf course where Bellagio, CityCenter, Monte Carlo and T-Mobile Arena are now.
  • In the very bottom of the photo, there is just a parking lot for The Mirage, where TI (Treasure Island) stands now. I remember parking in that vast lot (which extended past the photo all the way to Spring Mountain Road).
  • There are not one but two temporary outdoor arenas in this photo. The classic Caesars Palace arena where they did major boxing matches and tennis matches. But when The Mirage opened, Steve Wynn had the goal to take a big chunk of that business. The one at Caesars kept getting encroached on by new hotel towers (see next bullet) and larger pools and parking garages. The one at The Mirage got overrun by a bigger convention center.
  • Caesars Palace has evolved so much – even at this point it was much bigger than when it opened; but look at all that has happened since this photo:
    • No more Omnimax (do you remember the Omnimax???), now it’s the Colosseum;
    • I don’t see the Forum Shops in this photo.
    • The Augustus and Octavius towers were both built after this photo.
  • The MGM Grand is not yet a reality. You can see the Marina Hotel in the top left of the photo, which was retained as part of the MGM Grand (the West Wing), and behind that is the old Tropicana golf course. How ironic that after 26 years of development, and a theme park (oh my gosh, we had a real-life theme park in Las Vegas!!), we are back to using that land for golf, in a slightly different form as TopGolf.
  • Look at the median of Las Vegas Boulevard – there were a lot less lanes and much more “stuff” in the median.
  • On the far left you can see the Aladdin Theater for the Performing Arts, now the AXIS at Planet Hollywood.
  • Farther south, no Luxor or Mandalay Bay yet.
  • Something is getting built near Harrah’s and the Imperial Palace (now Linq), I’m not sure what it is.

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch, but what a great way to realize how much Las Vegas has grown and adapted over time.



2 thoughts on “Strip photo 1991 – redux

  1. Along with the Caesars Palace outdoor arena, where we had Tyson fights right behind is the Pavilion where we would have smaller fights, workouts. Also in the front are the famous fountains jumped by Kenievel.
    Worked there 9 years and loved it! Started as an Omnimax usher – Niagra Falls and Speed were my favorite movies.


  2. Hi Rick,

    In your last bullet you mention something being built near Harrahs and Imperial, I assume you’re referencing what looks like two red cranes, if that’s the case, those are actually the smoke stacks of the Holiday boat facade prior to it’s current Harrahs look. By the way, I’m Phil, the guy behind the ClassicLasVegas twitter account, I’m glad you’re getting a kick out of sharing the photos! I see you work in entertainment for MGM. I came from an entertainment background as well. Well not exactly, let me explain, my father booked entertainment in the Midwest long ago for about 20 years, so I was lucky to spend my youth meeting a lot of the old guard like Jack Carter, Slappy White, Al Martino, Helen Forrest, Mr. Electric, Cab Calloway, Prof. Irwin Corey, Dick Shawn, Jackie Gayle, Del Ray, so many more, so many good memories. It’s amazing how meeting those people and having an opportunity to see them entertain up close on & off stage has forever altered my view on entertainment. I tend to watch and analyze today with a filter to the past. I feel very lucky and blessed to experience the old guard in the way I did. Anyway, appreciate you allowing me to bend your ear, all the best to you and feel free to share more on your blog should you so desire.



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