Explaining the affirmations part 4

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve noticed a daily post for the last 6-8 weeks (if you want to see them, go to @realrickarpin on twitter). It started with these:

Today is the day that matters. Today I will treat others w/ kindness, respond w/ patience and mercy, and above all clothe myself w/ love.

I will be a positive leader. Adversity will come, lots of it. But it won’t stop me from encouraging, listening to, and appreciating others.

I will build rapport and relationships with others. I will put myself “out there” to the point where I am uncomfortable.

In my last three posts, I explained why I came to do affirmations, and how I came up with the first set of affirmations.

Today I will discuss my fourth affirmation:

Relationships are what matter. I will learn more about those around me, and share my story with them.

Obviously this might look similar to the third affirmation above. The third affirmation was all about getting “out there” and building relationships with others and being comfortable in social settings.

This one is about getting deeper with individuals, primarily co-workers (my team members, peers, etc.). It fits with one of our key employee and guest service standards – we strive to “hear their story.” So I want to share my story, tell my “why,” and hear the same from those around me.

This affirmation and the third one played together very well two weeks ago when I went to New York for a work event where I was with totally new people and some folks I knew well (ranging from relatively well to very well). I tried to focus on listening, and asking questions. I also shared my story as it related to the subjects we were discussing throughout the day.

My leadership coach uses the exact phrase “relationships are what matter.” Just the other day I saw an interview with a leader who said the same thing. I didn’t used to think this was the case, but I am seeing it now, and doing my best to learn and grow n this area.



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