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Random events with a purpose

Well am I glad I moved my mom out of Nokomis, Florida just over a month ago or what? Am I about the luckiest guy in the world that my wife convinced me to not give up when my mom suddenly changed her mind about moving. And how thankful am I that her doctor was able to convince her to move.

For those that don’t know, Nokomis is near Venice Florida, just south of Sarasota, and a bit north of Naples. Naples where the hurricane basically went right through.

I would have been worried about her with Hurricane Irma, but I wouldn’t have been preparing to help her or evacuate her. And then Irma shifted paths. And my mom would have been screwed. I would have had a really hard time getting to her.

Thankfully, random events lined up in our favor. Others won’t be so lucky. For everyone who can piece together a series of events and be thankful, others feel the sting of a series of “bad luck” events that put them in harm’s way. Some will suffer medical issues at the absolute worst time. We thankful ones need to be mindful of the unlucky ones, do what we can to help if that is possible. And give them strength when we can.

It is not for us to know the bigger plan, I suppose. But we know adversity is part of life; we have to support each other through it, rely on our faith and our humanity. Be self-aware and mindful enough to recognize when we are lucky, and be thankful. Be humble enough to know our fortune will not last. Be confident enough to know that bad times can be lived through, we can stand firm in our faith and in each other.



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