The Power of Running

Confession: I hate running. I also happen to really dislike swimming as a form of exercise, and don’t get me started about biking. So you won’t find me on the triathlon circuit anytime soon!

As an aside, I do actually like some forms of exercise. Bu I want to talk about running. Because even though I hate it, I actually do it quite a bit and I’ve even run a couple of half-marathons.

Why do I run? Because I believe running has certain “powers” – you might call them benefits. And I also acknowledge that those of you that swim and bike almost certainly feel that those activities have similar powers as well.

Now I don’t need to go to deep into any research here. Running clearly has health benefits, and when you do it as exercise you get to enjoy those benefits along with some pretty certain mental health benefits. Your day will start off better if you run in the morning, for example. Or you can clear your head of the day’s stress with an afternoon or evening run.

Running also gives you a self-esteem boost. You can (and should) make it goal-based, and when you achieve a goal you feel good about it. You can measure your improvement, like when training for a race, both in distance and speed.

Running provides community. You can run with others, you can push each other to get better, you can motivate each other, often just by your presence. How good does that feel?

This week, running has taken on a new meaning for me and for others in Las Vegas. Like the Boston Marathon the first time it was run after the bombing, this marathon is the first big outdoor event in Las Vegas since the Route 91 shooting. The organizers – Rock’n’Roll Marathon/Competitor Group – have done an awesome job of embracing their ability to heal through running. Check out their videos online or on social, that highlight the power of running in a whole new way.

I am not in shape for the half marathon this year, but I will be there rooting on those who are gathering to help us continue to heal as a community. And I’m going to start training now for next year! Just please don’t change it to the Las Vegas Triathlon!!!



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