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My favorite pizza places


Yesterday was National Pizza Day. I was partially in mourning because one of my favorite pizza spots closed a little while back. That was Duo Forni in Summerlin. We would go and just sit at the bar, have a glass of wine from a great little by the glass list, and share a salad and a pizza.

Now that Duo Forni is not around, it made me think about where I like to go for pizza. So here’s a short list, not necessarily in order of preference.

Grimaldi’s – a great standby, and where we decided to go for National Pizza Day. Friendly staff, indoor/outdoor seating, excellent meatballs (and they slice them like pepperoni), good crust, good wine list by the glass.

Pizza Rock – downtown Las Vegas. Tony Gemignani is a true connoisseur of pizza. He stocks his restaurant with multiple pizza ovens to cook at different temperatures and different styles. I prefer the “basic” New York style pizza. Plus the atmosphere is great.

Dom Demarco’s – in Summerlin, I like the variety here. We have ordered from here to cater a dinner party before. Their variety of salads are top notch, and their pastas are also good. Of course, the pizza is still the featured dish and it’s very good. A nice room as well.

California Pizza Kitchen – in Summerlin or The Park on the Strip. I know it’s not traditional pizza, but I love the modern CPK with the new menu, buffalo cauliflower is such a cool dish. And in Summerlin we like to sit at the bar and watch sports, enjoying a beer or glass of wine from a good list, and a soup and salad combo.

Metro Pizza – old school, if you are born and raised like me, you better say Metro Pizza!

I haven’t had the pleasure of eating Naked City Pizza, I hear great things. I’m sure I’m missing some. And of course, I didn’t address great pizza places in other cities. I personally am not a huge fan of Chicago style pizza, but when I’m there I certainly enjoy it, places like Lou Malnati’s.

Hopefully you got to enjoy National Pizza Day, at one of your favorite pizza places.



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